Who Am I?

My name is Alan Skorkin and I am a software developer by profession, as well as that I am a gamer, reader, amateur futurist and I also fancy myself a reasonably good candidate for the role of ‘_great military leader_’, if machines ever decide to take over the world (that’s when all those wasted gaming hours are really gonna pay off). I didn’t seriously get into programming until after high school which, I guess, makes me unlike many hardcore geeks out there.

What? Who said I was a hardcore geek? You come and say that to my face, buddy!

When I did get into software, something just clicked for me and now I am glad I didn’t become a doctor like my mum wanted :). Cause that would have been a massive cliche. I love geeky hackery and consider it an art, even when it’s hardcore information retrieval hackery. Aside from pure dev, I am also passionate about the processes we use to build great software and the people who work in this industry, we’re quite a unique bunch. Here are some fun facts about me:

  • To make poetry rhyme I’ve coined multiple new termsnone have penetrated the cultural zeitgeist … yet!
  • I often use too many words to say not very much at allbut I do it with great panache
  • I believe that a bathroom can be a great incubator for inspirational ideas – which makes it both practical and edifying
  • I once made up 33 words that rhymed with orangemany people didn’t really get it
  • I am smarter than the average bear (not hard since they can’t even talk) – but I dance nowhere near as well (as a bear)
  • I once made up a superhero, his name was Innuendo Man – _he was at best a local success :)


  • I take the Lords name in vain –  he’s been OK with it so far
  • I find the word snake-oil insanely funny – because I always imagine the production process
  • I speak fluent Russian – it hasn’t really helped me pick-up girls

Like many new bloggers I got into guest posting for a little bit when I first started out. I’ve been featured on sites like Problogger, Dumb Little Man, noop.nl etc. – hooray for me :). Here are some of the guest posts I’ve written:

If, for whatever reason, you already think I am awesome :) and want to contact me, the details are on the contact page (I know, it’s pure, diabolical genius). Alternatively, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed, cause surely everything I say will be pure gold … pressed latinum (I am both proud and disgusted with myself for using that metaphor – don’t pretend like you didn’t get it :)).

More Alan Skorkin

What The Hell Is A Skorks?

Some of you would have guessed that Skorks is derived from my surname. It is also one of my nicknames (yeah, I’ve had more than one e.g.

  • Skorks
  • Big Al – _this one is not really applicable any more, but still in use


  • Boris10 points if you guess why!
  • LeFunnot quite sure how that one came to be – it was short-lived


I could have come up with a suitably “_software developish” title such as (/my/thoughts > /dev/null_ or _captain alpha_hacker_ or whatever), but I think skorks is just about as uniquely me as you can get, you know exactly what you’re signing up for (may god have mercy on your soul). It’s all about branding baby! Seth Godin would approve, I am sure of it.

Why Are We Here (Why Do I Blog)?

We’re here to procreate and perpetuate the human race so that, through a process of random mutation, we can all slowly develop super-powers until we achieve a higher state of consciousness, either that or create Wolverine – whichever comes first. But, that’s a story for another time (and a different blog). So, why DO I blog?

My reasons are many and varied, here is a sampling:

  • I find that I have a lot of opinions about diverse software development issues (processes, tools, people, code etc.), and there is no point having an opinion if you don’t share it
  • I am all about improving my skills and one of the best ways to grok something more deeply is to teach it to someone else, so I try to explain what I learn to the inter-webs
  • I want to hear what other people have to say regarding the stuff I am thinking about, it expands our horizons, creates discussion and ultimately benefits us all
  • I find it is a good way to remember interesting and important things that I am likely to forget otherwise (kinda like an external memory of some sort)
  • It is a good way to connect with interesting like-minded people from across the world (the other way is to join the army, but then I’d have to kill most of the interesting people I meet and that is only appealing on a purely superficial level :))

Most of the things I cover will be related to software development in some way, it won’t be all code and it won’t be all opinion, but I’d like to think it is a good mix – well-rounded (hopefully you agree).

Undoubtedly I will frequently go off-topic and blog about other things that fascinate me or that are just plain fun/crazy. I consider a diverse range of interests part and parcel of what makes a good software developer and therefore wouldn’t dream of narrowing my focus to only one topic (and thereby boring the crap out of everyone :)).

Hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. And, like I said, I always want to hear what you have to say, so don’t be afraid to call me on any bullshit (if it is warranted :)) or just voice your thoughts – I will do my best to reply.

If there is anything else you want to know about me or about skorks.comdrop me a line.