Update: For those who believe that door hinge or syringe rhymes with orange, I have finally written a post about rhyming.

You thought that it was impossible right? Everybody knows that there aren’t any words in the English language that rhyme with orange. Well, everybody is wrong! Here is a whole list full of words that rhyme with orange perfectly. I also included the meaning of every word since you may be hard pressed to find them in the dictionary, unless I miss my guess.

1_orange Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. amoreange – an orange you instantly fall in love with
  2. allegorange – an orange that represents abstract ideas or principles
  3. borange – an orange so dull you can’t even be bothered finishing it
  4. corange – the very essence of an orange
  5. commodorange – an orange that seems to be in control of a large group of other oranges
  6. doorange – a type of orange used to close off an entrance to a house (these typically grow very large as you might expect)
  7. eeyorange – Winnie-the-Pooh’s favourite type of orange
  8. elmorange – an orange made out of rags that is controlled by an outside party and is really annoying
  9. floorange – an orange that has been dropped on the ground, but before the 5 second rule has expired
  10. goreange – an orange said to increase martial prowess, favoured by soldiers, criminals, and computer games programmers
  11. krakatorange – an orange that explodes in your face before you even bite into it (see nitroglicerorange)
  12. lemorange – a gender confused orange
  13. memorange – an orange that sort of reminds you of another orange that you’ve eaten before
  14. montessorange – an orange that promotes the development of natural abilities and initiative
  15. nanorange – a really tiny orange that you can’t even see
  16. nitroglicerorange – an orange that explodes in your face right after you bite into it (see krakatorange)
  17. octorange – an orange that squirts ink in your face if pick it up unexpectedly
  18. pectorange – an orange that looks really tough and beefy, wouldn’t want to eat it without help
  19. quantorange – an orange that is both here and somewhere else at the same time
  20. remorange – an orange that you regret eating
  21. remificorange – word used to describe the consequences of eating too many oranges. Usually remorange and remificorange go hand in hand.
  22. seismorange – an orange that shakes really hard when you pick it up. Has a chance of becoming either a krakatorange or a nitroglicerorange
  23. soliloqorange – an orange that reveals all it’s inner thoughts and fears through monologue
  24. sextorange – an orange that is a natural equivalent of Viagra, shaped like a hexagon
  25. septorange – one more than the sextorange
  26. tetrahedrorange – an orange shaped like a pyramid
  27. testostororange – an orange that is spoiling for a fight
  28. ubiquitorange – an orange that everyone is using and that seems to be everywhere
  29. vernaculorange – an orange that is specific to a particular social group or region
  30. whorange – everybody has had a piece of this orange
  31. xorange – the executive assistant to the commodorange (see commodorange)
  32. Yahorange – a billion dollar internet startup based on oranges
  33. zorrorange – an orange that fights for the rights of all the oppressed oranges everywhere, goes in disguise so you can’t tell him apart from other oranges

Update: Those of you who want to find out if there really ARE any words that rhyme with orange, should read the second part of my post about rhyming.